“Contradictions” or “Correctores” ? Which is the Culprit ?


“Contradictions” or “Correctores” ?
Which is the Culprit ?

Have you ever come upon a scripture that seemed to
Contradict other scriptures that you have read ?
Have you ever wondered why ?

Some people get discouraged when that happens, since
they begin to doubt the Bible’s Divine inspiration.

When a discrepancy suddenly appears, before getting
disheartened, several things must be remembered.
Often, if you continue reading, the scriptures themselves,
will give you more insight and understanding and may
clear up what you have misunderstood.

Unfortunately, there is another factor that needs to
be taken into consideration.  And what is that ?


What or Who are Correctores ?

“Correctores” were hired, to change or “alter”
the verses of the Bible, so as to make the “off color” puzzle
pieces of paganism – FIT into the Bible scriptures. 

These alterations of the Bible, can often leave the reader confused.
Because they were not part of the original text – they frequently
contradict other writings about the same subject.  It makes the
Bible look like double talk.  It takes away the feeling of uniformity
and harmonious thought.  Since these alterations were made to
support the pagan doctrines of Rome, it is quite understandable why
they seem to contradict other scriptures – because they DO“.
They are not divinely inspired, and were forced to fit – but they DON’T“. 

How and Why Did This Happen ?

When the Christian Faith was ripped out of the hands
of Christ’s early followers – it was rudely taken over
by the Powers of Rome.  The Roman Empire could not
succeed in destroying the Early Christians, and began
to fear their widening popularity.  As a politcal ploy,
Rome turned Christianity into a “State” Religion,
and decided to confer upon it, all the beliefs of
her entire empire. Unfortunately for Christianity,
this meant a gelatinous mixture with all sorts of sordid
doctrines and beliefs.  Both gods and goddesses of the
pagan Empire of Rome were thus forcibly absorbed into
this “NEW” Christendom in order to satisfy all the
subjects of Rome’s new “Universal” Religion.  Hence,
the name “CATHOLIC” was adopted, since it’s name means,

“Aware that the old religion of Rome
was in a state of advanced decay and was
daily losing its hold on the people…
Constantine saw that by adopting Christianity
they could take advantage of the popular prestige
created by the martyrdom of the early Christians.
Thereby, Constantine could cover up his own
past crimes, gain increased public favor and
extend and consolidate his empire.”
-Apollonius the Nazarene Part 1:
The Historical Apollonius Versus
the Mythical Jesus
By: Dr. R. W. Bernard, Ph.D.

“In the year 325 A.D. was perpetrated
one of the most colossal frauds and deceptions
in the annals of history. This was the date of
the Council of Nicea, whose task it was
to create a new religion that would be
acceptable to Emperor Constantine…”
-“The Historical Apollonius
Versus the Mythical Jesus”
By: Dr. R. W. Bernard, Ph.D.

“The Council of Nicea
was a pivotal event in the history of Christianity.
The sudden adoption of a quasi-philosophic term
to define the historic Jesus as equal to God
was a major departure from scripture and tradition. 
Further, the use of this term “trinity” in a Creed meant that,
from 325 on,  Nicenes could and did proclaim other
dogmas that have no basis in Scripture.”
– State Church of the Roman Empire; Ben H. Swett; 1998

The Pagans were happy, but what about the remnants of
Christ’s true followers?  How would they swallow the
pill of compromise that was against everything that
Jesus Christ taught?   They wouldn’t.
But it was take it or die.   There was no choice.

“The day was to come when the Nicene party
won out completely and then the emperors…
decreed that one who denied the Trinity
should be put to death.”
-The Church of our Fathers – 1950, pg. 46

Along with forceful measures; Rome had to think fast
of other trickery and contrivance.  Bible’s were banned
and burned; to prevent people from checking God’s book,
and comparing it with the new Universal Faith of Rome.
When it became apparent that even burning the Bible
would not eradicate it – then “Correctores” were hired,
to change or “alter” the verses of the Bible, so as to
make the “off color” puzzle pieces of paganism – FIT
into the Bible scriptures.  Rome could not expect a
“Perfect Fit” – but at least enough false insertions,
to keep most of the people happy.

“In order to make the previously despised cult
of the Early Christians acceptable to Constantine,
emperor of Rome – the new (pagan) Church Fathers
had to remove from its teachings certain doctrines
which they knew were objectionable to Constantine.
To accomplish this, certain “correctors” were
appointed, whose task it was to rewrite the Gospels.”
-Apollonius the Nazarene Part 1:
The Historical Apollonius Versus
the Mythical Jesus
By: Dr. R. W. Bernard, Ph.D.

And Here – my Friend – is where we find the many
contradictions that have kept Christians in hours of
debate and confusion.  After all these years, it is
difficult to say for sure – which parts were altered
and which were not; even though we do have some
“apochrypha” insertions that most scholars recognize
as being false insertions that came through Rome’s
corruption influence on the Bible.

A Prime Example

A prime example of the work of the “Correctores”
is the Doctrine of the “Trinity”.

Prior to the conquest of Christianity by Rome, all early
Christians worshipped the God of Jesus Christ.
He was a single God that did NOT share equality
with anyone.

“Hear, O Israel:
Jehovah our God is one Jehovah:
and thou shalt love Jehovah thy God
with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul,
and with all thy might.”
(Deuteronomy 6:4,5)(ASV)-BibleGateway

“Praise be to the God…
our Lord Jesus Christ.”
(Ephesians 1:3)(NIV)-BibleGateway

“At first the Christian faith
was NOT Trinitarian…”
(Encyclopædia of Religion and Ethics)

“Jesus declared…’salvation is from the Jews.
… the true worshipers will worship THE  FATHER.’ “
(John 4:23,24)(NIV)-BibleGateway

“As a follower of Christ,
Peter used God’s name, Jehovah…..
according to the practice during the first
century B.C.E. and the first century C.E.”
– Paul Kahle; Studia Evangelica, edited by Kurt Aland,
F. L. Cross, Jean Danielou, Harald Riesenfeld
and W. C. van Unnik, Berlin, 1959, p. 614
(See App 1C §1.)

“Well, be assured that the God that the Jews
worship – is the very same God that we worship.”
–Glimpses Issue #139 :
Why Early Christians Were So Despised;
Ken Curtis PH.D., Beth Jacobson,
Diana Severance Ph.D.,
Ann T. Snyder and Dan Graves. ©2003
by Christian History Institute.
“The Octavius of Minicius Felix” ;
2nd century A.D. 

But, since the Roman empire was filled with
polytheistic gods that were worshipped in groups
of three – a compromise was sought by Rome.
Therefore, Rome turned the worship of the one God,
Jehovah, into a “Triune” Deity with His son.

“So we see the earliest forms of various
pagan religions were really derivations of
the One True God, Jehovah.  The more that people
crept away from faith in God, the more elaborate
the concoctions became regarding their view of God,
until a “trinity” of three persons was invented.”
– The Pagan Influence Upon the Development
   of the Doctrine of the Trinity -Michael F Blume 

The Work of the “Correctores”

Rewriting the Bible to Support the Trinity Doctrine:
“Learned men, so called Correctores were,
following the church meeting at Nicea 325 AD,
selected by the church authorities to scrutinize
the sacred texts and rewrite them in order to
correct their meaning in accordance with the views
which the church had just sanctioned.”
-Prof. Eberhard Nestle
`Introduction to the Textual Criticism
of the Greek Testament,’
Einfhrung in die Textkritik des
griechischen Testaments: Eberhard Nestle
“the (biblical) manuscripts were carefully
revised by the correctores.”
-“Manuscripts” by Louis Bréhier
in The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IX
(New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1910)
“…theological disputes, specifically disputes over
the trinity (Christology), prompted Christian scribes
to alter the words of scripture in order to make them
more serviceable.”
-The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture
Prof. Bart D. Ehrman

“after the Council of Nicea, A.D. 325,
the manuscripts of the New Testament
were considerably tampered with by scholars,
called `correctores’, who were appointed by
the ecclesiastical authorities, and actually
commissioned to correct the text of the Scriptures
in the interest of what was considered orthodoxy.”
-Archdeacon Wilberforce
“What these `correctores’ did was to cut out
of the Gospels with minute care, certain teachings
of our Lord which they did not propose to follow.”
– “Gospel of the Holy Twelve,”
   by Rev. G. J. Ouseley  

Should We Toss The Bible ?

Many contend that we should throw the Bible away,
simply because Rome has altered so many Bible verses,
to support her “Man-Made Dogmas”.  But should we ?

Look at it this way.

Suppose you received a long letter from someone that you
loved very much.  Imagine that one of your children
spilled chocolate ice cream on the letter and stained
several places so that some of the letter was unreadable.
Would you throw the entire letter away as a result ?
Of course NOT !  Instead you would read what had not
been touched – and try to gain as much information as
you could from what was left.

This should be our same attitude toward the Bible. 

 The End of Contradictions

With this information in mind, Christians no longer
have to say that the Trinity is a “Mystery” that we
cannot comprehend or understand, but rather that it
is a falsehood that was placed into the Bible text
to further Constantine’s greed for power.

the Trinity “is a corruption
borrowed from the heathen religions,
and ingrafted on the Christian faith.”
-Dictionary of Religious Knowledge

Jesus never contradicted himself.  He didn’t say,
one minute – “The Father is Greater than I” and
then the next minute – infer that he was both God
the Father and God, The son.

“The doctrine
that Jesus Christ the Son of God
was God the son
was decreed by worldly
and ecclesiastical powers.
Men were forced to accept it
at the point of the sword or else,
Thus, the error of the trinity
was propounded to the end
that ultimately people believed it
to be the truth.
Thus Christianity became in essence
 like Babylonian heathenism,
with only a veneer of Christian names.”
— Forgers of the Word -1983 Victor Paul Wierwille

Jesus was not a ventriloquist – neither did he play
mind games with his followers. It truly was Jehovah
God – whose voice thundered from heaven, telling the
world how proud he was of His son.

“And he received honor and glory
from God the Father
when God’s glorious, majestic voice
called down from heaven,
‘ This is my beloved Son;
I am fully pleased with him. ‘ “
(2Peter 1:17) (NLT) -BibleGateway

” ‘ Behold, my servant,
whom I uphold; my chosen,
in whom my soul delighteth:
I have put my Spirit upon him,
He will bring forth justice to the nations. ‘
Thus saith God Jehovah….”
(Isaiah 42:1,5) (ASV)(NIV) -BibleGateway

“Then  a voice came out of the cloud, saying,
‘ This is My Son, My Chosen One;
listen to Him ! ‘ “
(Luke 9:35) (NASB) -BibleGateway



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